The story of my first Kindle and why I upgraded

I was in 10th grade when I bought my first kindle. The second model created by Amazon. Now it doesn’t even exist on the market. That one was nice with buttons and speakers. Superb!

I had bought it from the scholarship money, collected for a year. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. When I went to the post office to pick up the box from Amazon. It was so thin and beautiful.

My family did not understand my enthusiasm. They thought our library was enough. When I couldn’t find anything interesting, I also went to my grandmother’s library. Hers was bigger. Grandma had a penchant for realism, but that’s the subject of another post. In her library, however, I discovered the three thieves from the east, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Gogol. War and Peace remains my favorite novel today, closely followed by the Karamazov Brothers.

Coming back to the story.

I was now trying to remember what I was reading in high school. Most of it was fiction. Over 70%. The rest was philosophy, religion, a little history and literary analysis. I don’t remember buying a eboook in high school. So I was hacking all the books. But most were free, taken from book sites.
But when I got to college, I really realized what a good investment I had made. While my colleagues struggled to read from their laptops or print entire books, I turned the PDFs I received from teachers into MOBI format in a few minutes and uploaded them to the Kindle. I saved hundreds of lei and the health of my eyes.
I used it for almost 10 years and it still works without problems. It has only one scratch on the screen, but it doesn’t bother to read. And he never had a cover. When I bought it, I had no money and no cover. I put it in a black notebook with a string that held it well. I realized it was a good choice. I can quickly take notes when I read something interesting.

I upgraded 2 months ago. To be more precise, I received one as a gift. Kindle version 2019, black. For this I immediately took a cover with van Gogh’s Night. To inspire me before I read. After two months of reading it, I realize that there is one thing I like about it (although let’s say it has more features than older models, the most important being the touchscreen).
Built-in light.
The fact that you can read anywhere, anytime is something that still surprises me. To be in the dark of night, in the middle of the field and to be able to read any book you want, is a blessing. So if you have a kindle that doesn’t have built-in light and isn’t necessarily something you need, I wouldn’t see any reason to upgrade.
If you don’t have one yet, and your needs are basic, then I recommend the model I have, the kindle from 2019. It’s the cheapest option. If you want a little more sophisticated (but not by much), then the 2018 Paperwhite is more appropriate.
But if you do not have a kindle or you want to upgrade because you are an experienced reader with more complex needs, then I recommend the most advanced Kindle Oasis. It has a significantly larger screen and many other benefits.
Whatever model you choose, it’s clear that Amazon is the coolest in the ebook industry. Not only does it produce the finest reading devices, but it also has the largest online bookstore in the world. With the help of the kindle, you can buy any ebook available on in a few clicks.
Now that we have everything we need, all we have to do is read.

Live simple. Be happy. 

Kindle or books ?

Simple. Both! 

I took my first kindle when I was in 10th grade. I wrote about it here
However, this did not mean that I have not read physical books since then. On the contrary. Sometimes, after reading the ebook and liking it, I also bought the physical book. It’s nice to have a library with a lot of books.

In the context of minimalism, there are many who believe that we should get rid of books as well. That’s not my case. I think an exception can be made for books. I would just say that maybe some books don’t deserve to take up space in your library. And to give you an example, it’s more than easy for me to miss Mein Kampf. Although in college I was forced to read it. * sight

But coming back to my kindle.
His idea is to give you flexibility. To be able to take your library with you anywhere. Another nice thing is that it protects your eyes, unlike your phone / tablet.
So we come to the conclusion that the two variants, Kindle or books, are not opposite. On the contrary, they are complementary. At least in my case, they work great together.
But if I had to choose, to have a book in front and on the same kindle the same book, I would choose the book. It’s a great feeling to hold a book in your hand, to make notes on it, to turn the page and see progress.
If you want to get a kindle, I recommend the Paperwhite version. If you stick to physical books, you do well. It is important to read! But that means you have a considerably more generous budget for books 😁

Live simple. Be happy.

Why wait, when everyone crosses the street on red light?

In short, so you don’t die.

In the long run, it is a rather complex question that calls into question several legal, moral, educational elements.
I don’t go into them. The discussion is too long and has been discussed for thousands of years.

But what I would like to say is that if you wait at the traffic light and everyone passes by you as if on the running track, you are not the sucker. They are suckers.
They risk their lives. They choose to break a law that forbids them to cross the street on red. They educate their subconscious that it works like that. That they can do something wrong and nothing will happen to them. Until one day he hits a car on them.

The idea of this very dry writing is that when you have to choose, choose to do what is right. It may seem like it’s not worth it at the moment and you have no advantage in it. In the long run, however, the fact that you have chosen to do what is legal / correct / moral, gives you inner peace and order in society.

Be simple,

Live happy.

How do you know you want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle?

  1. It often seems to you that there is too much furniture in your house. Closets full of clothes you haven’t worn since high school, chairs you don’t sit on because they don’t hold you, and the broken laundry basket you couldn’t bear to throw away.

2.Although your closet is full of clothes, you only wear 4 T-shirts, 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. Whether you have lost weight or gained weight, we only wear a small part of the clothes you wear for a period of time. hold. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to donate what can be donated, to throw away what can no longer be worn and to enjoy a little more space around you?

3. You’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but you haven’t had time! That’s the most common excuse we hear. The lack of time. Let’s do a short calculation. Every day, it takes you at least 10 minutes to get dressed, because you have to look for the right combination for that day on at least 10 shelves. A year has 365 days x 10 means 3650 minutes, ie 60.8 hours. Ordering in the closet (decluttering, as it is called in English) takes a maximum of 5 hours. You would then need a maximum of 2 minutes to establish the right wardrobe. So, 60.8-12-5 = 43.8 hours saved. Just because there are clothes in your closet that you really wear. Imagine if you did that in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. As long as you save. But we don’t have time for that 🙂

4. You like simple things. It’s a mistake to say that if you’re minimalist, you don’t buy anything anymore and you sit like in an empty cave. Minimalism means that every item purchased will be truly used. It will not be bought on a consumer impulse and abandoned in a few days. The idea of minimalism is to use strictly the necessary elements.

5.When you sit at the office, you can’t start working before you make a little order.

You like cleanliness, order and a certain predictability in the spaces he uses. You want everything to be arranged and everything to be in place.

If you want to learn more about strict minimalism from a household perspective, say, I have three recommendations.

  1. Goodbye, things! The new Japanese minimalism – Fumio Sasaki. I start with this because Mr. Susaki is not necessarily an “expert” in minimalism. This book shows rather the process by which you become minimalist, from the perspective of a normal person.
  1. How to sit in the house – Lu Wei. This time, the author of the book is an architect, but through the drawings he explains how to reorganize your entire home, to make room for what really matters.
  2. It was impossible not to include Marie Kondo and the Magic of Order on the list. Also Japanese, like the two mentioned above, Marie Kondo is also the most popular of them, especially after the success of her Netflix series that I invite you to see. In this book, Marie Kondp practically leisurely explains how to organize your things.

Live simple. Be happy.

If you received $ 1 million today, what would you do tomorrow?

What would you do?

How would you spend your day?

What do I really ask you is what is your hobby?

That thing you do for yourself. Which you don’t do to bring you money. You have no purpose for this, other than to relax, to spend quality time for yourself.

Don’t think that if you do something for yourself you are selfish. Not. Every man needs to do something for pure pleasure. Whether that means fishing, photography, travel, a sport or whatever.

Photo by Retha Ferguson on

Do you know why I ask? I noticed this thing more and more.

People have no hobbies. They work all their lives, raise children, keep them in college and after they finish that, they are left alone and wither.

After they retire, they wait for their children and grandchildren to come twice a year and that’s their life. Otherwise, they lose their existence on TV, possibly on the net for the most modern.

I haven’t managed to unravel this mystery yet, but somehow Romanians seem to be afraid or ashamed to have a hobby. What will the neighbor say if I start painting? They’ll think I’m crazy.

Or what will my wife say I want to buy my motorcycle at 50? Although when I was young we sold it to buy an apartment?
Too many people wither prematurely and have no reason to leave the house.
If you have a hobby, fine. Keep doing it. Keep busy, give yourself an excuse to learn something new. Go to a cooking training course. Sign up for swimming. Buy yourself a tennis racket. Anything you enjoy.
It doesn’t allow you to reach the age of 65 (or retirement age) and ask yourself “What am I doing now?”.

Nu ai ideei ce ai putea să faci? Elise Rijck îți dă 500 de idei, aici.

Live simple. Be happy.