If you received $ 1 million today, what would you do tomorrow?

What would you do?

How would you spend your day?

What do I really ask you is what is your hobby?

That thing you do for yourself. Which you don’t do to bring you money. You have no purpose for this, other than to relax, to spend quality time for yourself.

Don’t think that if you do something for yourself you are selfish. Not. Every man needs to do something for pure pleasure. Whether that means fishing, photography, travel, a sport or whatever.

Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

Do you know why I ask? I noticed this thing more and more.

People have no hobbies. They work all their lives, raise children, keep them in college and after they finish that, they are left alone and wither.

After they retire, they wait for their children and grandchildren to come twice a year and that’s their life. Otherwise, they lose their existence on TV, possibly on the net for the most modern.

I haven’t managed to unravel this mystery yet, but somehow Romanians seem to be afraid or ashamed to have a hobby. What will the neighbor say if I start painting? They’ll think I’m crazy.

Or what will my wife say I want to buy my motorcycle at 50? Although when I was young we sold it to buy an apartment?
Too many people wither prematurely and have no reason to leave the house.
If you have a hobby, fine. Keep doing it. Keep busy, give yourself an excuse to learn something new. Go to a cooking training course. Sign up for swimming. Buy yourself a tennis racket. Anything you enjoy.
It doesn’t allow you to reach the age of 65 (or retirement age) and ask yourself “What am I doing now?”.

Nu ai ideei ce ai putea să faci? Elise Rijck îți dă 500 de idei, aici.

Live simple. Be happy.


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