Why wait, when everyone crosses the street on red light?

In short, so you don’t die.

In the long run, it is a rather complex question that calls into question several legal, moral, educational elements.
I don’t go into them. The discussion is too long and has been discussed for thousands of years.

But what I would like to say is that if you wait at the traffic light and everyone passes by you as if on the running track, you are not the sucker. They are suckers.
They risk their lives. They choose to break a law that forbids them to cross the street on red. They educate their subconscious that it works like that. That they can do something wrong and nothing will happen to them. Until one day he hits a car on them.

The idea of this very dry writing is that when you have to choose, choose to do what is right. It may seem like it’s not worth it at the moment and you have no advantage in it. In the long run, however, the fact that you have chosen to do what is legal / correct / moral, gives you inner peace and order in society.

Be simple,

Live happy.


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