Kindle or books ?

Simple. Both! 

I took my first kindle when I was in 10th grade. I wrote about it here
However, this did not mean that I have not read physical books since then. On the contrary. Sometimes, after reading the ebook and liking it, I also bought the physical book. It’s nice to have a library with a lot of books.

In the context of minimalism, there are many who believe that we should get rid of books as well. That’s not my case. I think an exception can be made for books. I would just say that maybe some books don’t deserve to take up space in your library. And to give you an example, it’s more than easy for me to miss Mein Kampf. Although in college I was forced to read it. * sight

But coming back to my kindle.
His idea is to give you flexibility. To be able to take your library with you anywhere. Another nice thing is that it protects your eyes, unlike your phone / tablet.
So we come to the conclusion that the two variants, Kindle or books, are not opposite. On the contrary, they are complementary. At least in my case, they work great together.
But if I had to choose, to have a book in front and on the same kindle the same book, I would choose the book. It’s a great feeling to hold a book in your hand, to make notes on it, to turn the page and see progress.
If you want to get a kindle, I recommend the Paperwhite version. If you stick to physical books, you do well. It is important to read! But that means you have a considerably more generous budget for books 😁

Live simple. Be happy.

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